Tattered Angels Giveaway!

Yes… it’s that time… I am hosting my first giveaway! All you have to do to enter is subscribe to my blog. The giveaway will run until January 31, 2010. On the morning of February 1, 2010, I will print the list of subscribers and put each name into a bucket. The first ten subscribers will get their name put in twice. I will include a short video to show the winners. Check out the video to see what you would win!


Giveaway/Subscriptions Update

As I check my numbers, I see I am getting 15+ hits a day. Although I only have 7 subscribers, I’ve decided to go ahead and list my blog candy within a week  since I seem to have a lot of viewers =) I just have to wait for my HUGE tattered angels shipment before I can officially list it  and make a video. I never like to count my chickens before they hatch 😉

Each subscriber (whether on wordpress or through email) will be entered into the drawing. My FIRST TEN subscribers will be entered twice as a special thank you for sticking with me in the beginning.

To those of you who haven’t subscribed yet… don’t be scared! You will not be inundated with emails from me! I only post about once a week (maybe twice on a good week), and do not spam, mass,  or junk email my members for any reason. Any  news will just be posted on my blog. Subscribing to my blog will give you a first look at upcoming videos (I have plans for tutorials on the way… I’m just getting my feet wet with those first  few videos… trying to work out lighting and angle kinks), future classes, and of course- GIVEAWAYS! The more members I get, the more giveaways I will host. I also really, really, really want to start organizing some swaps.

Be sure to check back this weekend and hopefully I will have the giveaway ready. As soon as I get my tattered angels shipment, I’ll have a giveaway video as well as a tutorial with glimmer mist and art mediums on wood.

Thank you thank you thank you to my loyal subscribers and friends =)

A sneak peak at one part of the giveaway:

Who doesn’t love prima???

My First Video!!!

So… I was ridiculously nervous during the whole thing. Those of you who know me will hear the anxiety in my voice. I just did a really really simple video to explain how I do the backgrounds of my tags. I plan to do another video this weekend and hopefully I can calm down and find a better angle of lighting.

Subscribe! Blog Candy in the near future…

So much information and so little time! I feel like I am really on the right path in my life right now. I am doing everything I love – crafting, teaching, and spending time with my wonderful husband and dogs. I am figuring out hwo to balance schoolwork and still have a personal life. Only took me four years to figure out how to do it!

Anyway, Jackie’s Crafting is ready to go! I’ve got all my wholesale accounts. Order has been placed and is on its way from The Beary Scrap. My cart is full at Tattered Angels and I am waiting for Thursday midnight to hit the pay button. My classes for Barbara’s January 29th crop are almost full. I am teaching a tear dog card and the flowers. I will also have my vendor booth set up and ready to go with tattered angels (LOTS of glimmer mist!), tear bear supplies and materials, and of course, handmade stuff including tear creatures, card kits, and album kits. I have been a busy little bee the past few weeks. Below is an example of one of my bears.

And FINALLY…I have a SUBSCRIBE button!!  Right now I have about 5 people who read my blog…but… if you tell a friend who can tell a friend who can tell a friend…maybe I’ll have more than 5! Anywho… first blog candy (something with tattered angels goodness) will be up as soon as I get 10 subscribers =)